Monday, August 11, 2008

The results are in...

My sister got the results of her BRAC Analysis. She does NOT have any mutations ... which means she is NOT pre-disposed to getting breast cancer again. Woo hoo. A silver lining in this big crappy mess.

So, she has made her decision. She is going to have the lumpectomy, followed by radiation and some pill that she needs to take for 5 years. Depending on the size of the cancer when they remove it, she will probably have to do chemo. They will also test the lymph nodes will she is in surgery to see if it has spread there. Her surgery is scheduled for Aug 19th. One week from tomorrow. I'm anxious for it to be here, and over with.

We have been doing a TON of surrogacy research. After a lot of going back and forth, it seems that my insurance WILL cover my maternity care. The exclusion listed in my insurance coverage means that my insurance will not allow me to use the 10,000K they give me for fertility for surrogacy purposes, which is why the exclusion was listed under the "Reproduction" area. There were no exclusions under maternity, so we are good to go with that. I am waiting for my OB and Labor and Delivery records from my OBGYN to give to our clinic, so we can get the process started. I'm anxious, nervous, scared, and all I want to do is be able to help my sister with this.

What else is going on? I'm fucking tired. I've been fighting this weird bug where I've been nauseous, super tired, with pounding headaches. Yeah, sounds kinda like pregnancy right? No chance. The sickness started the day after my period ended. I just wish it would go the heck away.

I have to go into NY for work tomorrow and I am so not into it. I worked from home today, and I wish I could do that again tomorrow. My mind is just so NOT into work. I spend time on my crazy twin website (yes, that post is coming!!) and on the surrogacy website. Which means I'm doing a whole lot of nothing else. I suck. I'm so unmotivated.

Ok. I'm going to drown in my tiredness and finish watching "The Two Coreys". Yes, I LOVED Corey Haim when I was younger, and this show is like the worlds craziest train wreck. I LOVE it! haha ...



Anonymous said...

So glad that your sister does NOT have the gene!!!! And super glad too that you can proceed with this surrogacy thing, I would have hated for finances to f*** the whole thing up.

Aimee said...
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Aimee said...

Oh...I'm so happy to hear your sis does not have any mutations! :o) Also glad to hear that your insurance will cover your maternity care! WOO HOO! You're such a wonderful sistah!

I sure hope you start to feel better & more energentic soon. It has got to be hard esp. caring for 2 tots!

I love Corey Haim too, esp. in Lucus. :o) I was contemplating on naming my baby (if I had a boy) Corey, because I really like the name.

Carrie27 said...

That is wonderful news for your sister!!!

And, I'm happy that you are going to be able to go through with the surrogacy for your sister, what a blessing!

Topcat said...

I ADORE how you love television. I haven't seen that show, but would love to ..... for Corey Feldman, of course.

Hope you are having a nice weekend xoxox